ADR Nord-Est

North-East Regional Development Agency is a non-governmental (NGO), nonprofit, public utility organization, established in 1999 with the mission of being a generator of economic and social development in the North-East Region of Romania, by promoting strategies, attracting resources, identifying and implementing financing programmes and offering services for stimulating sustainable economic development, partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit.

Main activities of the organization, were in Pre-accession period (1999-2007), to fulfill the role of Implementation Authority for PHARE Program and for the National Development Fund, and, Post-accession period (2007-present), NERDA was Intermediate Body for:

  • Regional Operational Programme (ROP) 2007-2013
  • Sectoral Operational Programme Increase of Economic Competitiveness (SOP IEC) 2007-2013 – since April 2013
  • Regional Operational Programme (ROP) 2014-2020 Our objectives are: - to ensure sustainability and organizational stability,
  • to increase the role of the agency in planning, programming, and implementation of development programs
  • to promote NERDA and the entire North-East region at regional, national and international level.

We are quite a large organization, with 140 employees, organized in 9 departments, such as planning and programming department, communication and external cooperation, economic, legal and human resources department, business development department.

One of NERDA’ s department is North-East Regional Centre for Studies, that was founded in 2010 by the Agency as a Human Resources Development Centre through training, professional skills assessment, specialized training and research in regional development and, until now, the center provided training for more than 650 persons in regional development field: Project Management, HR Management, Public Procurement, Strategic Management, Leadership, Financial Management, training dedicated to the adult education and mainly for university graduates.