We had our Training week in Edinburgh, Scotland

The eSkills4All consortium came to Edinburgh with guests to train!

We had a week of fun sessions where we ran workshops for each of our 5 Modules. The workshops included some classroom learning using the content from our course as well as group learning and the purpose was to focus on teaching our trainees new digital skills. 

We ran 5 workshops:

  • Workshop 1 - Problem Solving
  • Workshop 2 - Digital Content Creation
  • Workshop 3 - Communication and Collaboration
  • Workshop 4 - Safety
  • Workshop 5 - Information and Data Literacy

The workshops included all kinds of fun activities like the Elevator pitch and Break the Bank. 

We also had some time for other fun activities like going on a walking tour of Edinburgh and visiting the museaum. 

We hope our trainees had a wonderful week and learned lots and lots!

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