The publicly available outcomes of the eSKILLS4All project are listed below. This will be updated throughout the progress of our project.

Outcome 1 - Comparative Report


This Intellectual Output aims to continue the investigation of the current scene in partner countries in relation to:

  1. The digital skills gap between the labor market and the low-skilled unemployed adults
  2. The digital needs related to employability skills of adults
  3. The current scene related to jobs and employment
  4. The provision of digital and employability training courses
  5. The EU strategies and initiatives in the digital field

We started with individual desk research per partners home country which are available to read:

Survey Analysis -­‐‑ Digital and employability skills mismatches and gaps: Comparative Report

WHITE PAPER ON DIGITAL SKILLS -­‐‑ Gap between Low -­‐‑ Skilled unemployed adults (Focus on Women) and labor market: Comparative Report

e-Employment Data Bank with useful resources for further reading.

Outcome 2 - Benchmarks, indicators and levels


e-Skills4all Framework Tree Structure 

Our Open Badge Designs that will be awarded once you complete each Module:

The Open Badges Theory document gives you an in-depth explanation of the who, what and why of Open Badges.

Digital Charter and Eco-system of Open Badges: Benchmarks, indicators, and levels

Open Badges Tables - This document presents the Open Badges Tables including the Module Name, Objective, who it's issued by, Learning outcomes, Criteria and Evidence (how you achieve the badge).

Outcome 3 - Digital Assessment Tool

Building the on-line assessment tool and procedures for self-audit-skills and external evaluation in close link with the Open Badges

Digital Assessment Tool - This document presents the open badges theory

Outcome 4 - eSKILLS Portal

Design of the on-line eSKILLS4ALL SUPPORT HUB and e-learning tools

We have delivered the modules presented in Outcome 2, through a hands-on, personalised, online training course, where learners can access the modules, assess their digital competence through our quizzes, improve their knowledge and gain recognition of their skills with Open Badges!

Our interactive e-platform also provides a forum for communication, a support hub and an e-employment data bank!

The Tool is available in English, Greek, Romanian and French.

We would love you to try our online tool and let us know what you think. We also provide a live chat facility that you can use on this website if you have any questions. 

Outcome 5 - eSKILLS4ALL Support Hubs

A TOOK KIT for setting up, disseminating, implementing and monitoring.

We have developed a ready to implement up-skilling pathway programme (offered on-line and in-house) based on the 3 stage model purported by the EU Recommendation for digital acquisition related to employability.

The TOOL KIT includes all necessary material to be offered on-line and as hard copies: induction seminar, on-line learning modules, ICT Guides and a strategy for exploitation at the national level including:-

  • Description of the project 
  • Description of the eSKILLS Training Programme 
  • Curriculum of be covered 
  • Outline and schedule of on-line and in-house training/HUBS in each partner country 
  • Practical Arrangements: Dissemination, Venue, schedule of training, registration procedures etc.
  • Registration and participation procedures: on-line registration, selection of courses, time schedule, participation requirements etc
  • Assessment and validation procedures: self and external evaluation, screening test prior, during and after participation in the programme, certification etc.
  • Initial instructions for the programme
  • Templates to run the training course



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