We had our 3rd partnership meeting in Luxembourg

Last week our partners met in Luxembourg for our 3rd consortium meeting hosted by Women in Digital Empowerment (WIDE).  

During this meeting we made great progress with our course content and are now in the final stages of reviewing and improving. We can conclude that the course will consist of 5 Modules, each with 3 Topics within including:

  • Module 1: Problem Solving
    • Topic 1: Hardware and devices
    • Topic 2: Connection to Internet
    • Topic 3: Operational systems and software’s
  • Module 2: Digital Content Creation
    • Topic 1: Digital office tools
    • Topic 2: Email
    • Topic 3 Creation of Content
  • Module 3: Communication and collaboration
    • Topic 1: Express yourself as well as your company’s brand philosophy
    • Topic 2: Create engagement out of thin air
    • Topic 3: Absorb all the data and make knowledge you 'main unique selling point
  • Module 4: Safety
    • Topic 1: Internet Security
    • Topic 2: Data and Information Risks
    • Topic 3: Social Media privacy settings
  • Module 5: Information and data literacy
    • Topic 1: Information & Data Discovery and Collection
    • Topic 2: Data & File Management
    • Topic 3: Studying Online

If you are interested in learning about any of the Modules above, get in touch with us, sign up to our Newsletter or Follow us on FaceBook where we will be posting all about our progress. 

The Online Application will be ready by March 2020!