NGO CIVIS PLUS was founded in 2011 and it was established in January 2012. It is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organisation which explicitly prohibits the distribution of any profit. In its activities it follows the Charter of Self-Government, Social Responsibility and Accountability that imposes transparency and control over the functioning of NGOs all over the world.

Our action in CIVIS PLUS aims at creating conditions that will allow for an equal participation and inclusion of all people – regardless their nationality, cultural identity, social status, religion, gender or sexual orientation – in the social, economic and political life.

Social inclusion, equality, multiculturalism, social action and active participation are the guiding principles underlying every our initiative and action. 

Via our initiatives, we support socially vulnerable groups, we sensitize society about human, social and political rights, as well as their violations, we promote the spirit of volunteering and active contribution to society and we cultivate the sense of solidarity.

The main social groups we target and support include people who for some reason are victims or are at risk of becoming victims of discrimination, people facing economic difficulties, particularly unemployed, and people not enjoying equal opportunities in accessing social welfare services.

Our work leans on our staff and volunteers, the European Union bodies and institutions providing funding, as well as private companies that provide support within the context of corporate social responsibility.